"Keeping Cozy"

I have often observed the mourning dove perched with fluffed-up feathers, insulating against winter's low temperatures. During extreme cold they may tuck one foot inti the belly feathers while burying the bill into the breast feathers.

Just before darkness, I photographed this dove perched outside my window. Therre it had gone to roost, having just filled its crop with seeds from my feeder. Doves and certain other birds that live through winter cold have a crop inn which they can store large amounts of sunflower and other seeds before retiring. This food supply, which is digested while roosting, is important for keeping the body temperature high through cold winter nights.

Designed as a companion to "Snowbird", "Keeping Cozy" is the same size, shape and season. Combined with the popular "Snowbird" print, "Keeping Cozy" will complete your set of friendly backyard birds or each may stand on its own.

Image Size 7 1/4" x 18 1/2"
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