The "Snowbird" that comes south with winter at its heels, the dark-eyed junco is seen in many parts of North America only when the snow flies. One of the nicest things about snow is that it brings the junco. All day long it will scratch about in the yard preferrinng to feed on the ground under the feeder. I call it the snow plow of the bird world, clearing away snow to expose the seeds while other bords follow in its wake.

The elegant-looking finch is entirely grey except for its snow white lower breast and outer tail feathers. In flight it displays the major junco field marks, white outer tail feathers, like two white ribbons streaming behind.

Suddenly in mid-March, they are gone, jusy like that! Perhaps I hardly notice notice it because I am busy paying attention to the new spring arrivals.

"Snowbird" may be displayed as a companion piece with "Keeping Cozy", as they are the same size, shape and season.

Image Size 7 1/4" x 18 1/2"
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